Project Description

Seismic Surveys, Inc. (SSI) developed and implemented vibration and noise monitoring and control program for conventional demolition of a seven story building abutting a National Cancer Institute research laboratory. Background vibration measurement and initial demolition vibration and noise tests were conducted for the purpose of developing vibration and noise controls for the work. These controls were developed to address concerns regarding sensitive research equipment and personnel occupying the adjacent building. A pre-demolition survey of buildings 431 and 469 was conducted. Four seismographs equipped with remote modem communication and remote visual alarms wired into the building where the demolition was taking place were installed and monitored. Weekly downloading of seismic data was conducted and electronic submittals to the project team were prepared.

Project Details

  • Project Name : Ft. Detrick Building 470 Demolition
  • Client : Controlled Demolition, Inc.
  • Location : Frederick, Maryland


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