Inspections and vibration monitoring
for construction near existing structures

About Seismic Surveys

Seismic Surveys is a third-party vibration monitoring service for construction near communities and sensitive structures across the United States. We deliver the reliable, accurate data our clients need on their demolition, construction, or mining projects for positive public relations, mitigating risk, and controlling potential construction effects transmitted to adjacent exposures.

Inspection and Vibration Monitoring Services

Seismic Surveys is the industry-leading vibration monitoring provider. We offer:

Pre-and Post-Construction Surveys

Pre- and post-construction survey documentation of surrounding structures and adjacent properties.


Monitoring ground vibrations from blasting and other heavy construction sources to support project success in congested areas.


Providing valuable data to address noise complaints and ensure compliance with health and safety noise exposure limits.

Blast Planning

Estimating the effects of blast and construction vibration and noise and developing plans to monitor and control these effects.

Structural Movement

Monitoring groundwater, vibration, and structural movement to identify cost-effective solutions and mitigate potential project delays.


Credible expert support in addressing vibration complaints, allegations of damage, and expert testimony if a claim leads to litigation.

Who We Serve

We provide geotechnical and structure movement monitoring services for:

Civil Construction

Vibration and noise monitoring for civil construction projects to document effects transmitted to nearby structures.

Sensitive Structures

Vibration and noise monitoring for demolition, construction, and renovations in and around vibration-sensitive structures.

Marine Construction

Vibration and noise monitoring to document effects on third-party structures, people, and marine life.


Traffic vibration monitoring to assess the structural health of bridges and roadways and identify structural changes.


Vibration and overpressure monitoring for mining to document compliance and protect nearby structures.

Visit our applications page to learn more about how clients use our services.

Other Industries

Seismic Surveys works with industries where vibration and noise must be managed to protect communities and sensitive structures. Our services are used in: