Blast Planning
Vibration and Noise Control Reviews

Seismic Surveys provides estimates of blast, construction, vibration and noise effects. We also provide plans for monitoring and controlling these effects. We can meet your needs when specifications require a third-party review of your blast plan or seismic records.

Why Are Blast Plan and Vibration and Noise Control Reviews Important?

These data are essential for a contractor, developer, or owner to plan and monitor their operations for positive community relations and to minimize the risk of unwarranted claims or potential damage. Armed with the knowledge of expected effects on adjacent properties from their operations, the customer can accurately budget the project, prepare performance specifications, and plan to monitor and modify their operations to mitigate risks to adjacent structures.

Blast Audits
Blast Audits

How Do Blast Plan and Vibration and Noise Control Reviews Work?

The safe execution of construction, demolition, or mining close to existing structures requires analysis of site-specific variables and planning before arriving at the site, even during the bidding/negotiation process. The cautious contractor must understand the fundamentals of vibrations, including the type of proposed construction operation or blasting and the potential impacts on structures, people, and soils nearby the site.

Monitoring of existing structures is a necessity in today’s litigious environment. Monitoring enables compliance with project specifications and, even more importantly, provides a tool to protect the contractor and project partners from unwarranted claims and to minimize the risk of causing damage.

Seismic Surveys develops a site-specific program to evaluate potential vibrations before construction and monitor existing structures before, during, and after construction. This program often includes pre- and post-construction inspection, settlement monitoring, and vibration monitoring of surrounding structures within a specified radius of potential impact around the site.

Who We Serve

Our customers use blast and construction monitoring plan services in various applications, including demolition, construction, mining, and protection of sensitive structures during additions or renovations.

Civil Construction

Vibration and noise monitoring for civil construction projects to document effects transmitted to nearby structures.

Sensitive Structures

Vibration and noise monitoring for demolition, construction, and renovations in and around vibration-sensitive structures.

Marine Construction

Vibration and noise monitoring to document effects on third-party structures, people, and marine life.


Traffic vibration monitoring to assess the structural health of bridges and roadways and identify structural changes.


Vibration and overpressure monitoring for mining to document compliance and protect nearby structures.

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Monitoring vibration and noice is an essential for maintaining compliance with project standards and minimizing unwarranted claims.
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