Vibration Monitoring Services

Seismic Surveys provides independent seismograph measurement of vibration levels transmitted to surrounding structures and adjacent properties. This data is a contractor’s best tool for demonstrating regulatory compliance to minimize the risk of unwarranted claims. Vibration monitoring is invaluable in addressing neighbor concerns from perceptible vibrations that are well within established safety standards.

Why is Vibration Monitoring Important?

Monitoring ground vibrations from blasting and other heavy construction sources is essential for project success in congested areas. These effects must be monitored and controlled to mitigate real or perceived risks to adjacent structures and communities.  


By detecting issues early on, this service helps companies take action to maximize project success, limit liability, and preserve positive relations with surrounding communities. Vibration monitoring services are crucial because they verify that appropriate measures have been taken to maintain safety and stability. While rare, vibrations from heavy machinery and blasting at high enough levels can cause damage to nearby structures, leading to safety hazards and costly repairs. Even below damaging levels, complaints and unwarranted claims of damage often arise. Vibration monitoring helps detect and prevent excessive vibrations, allowing for timely intervention before significant damage occurs. Vibration data helps our customers address complaints and defend themselves against unwarranted claims.


Continuously monitoring ground and structural vibrations documents compliance to mitigate risk and minimize liability. Vibration monitoring services support safety, reduce damage, and protect property, workers, and communities adjacent to construction and mining projects.

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How do vibration monitoring services work?

Vibration monitoring services utilize specialized seismic equipment to measure and analyze vibrations produced during construction, demolition, mining, and other activities. We install monitoring devices around the property and on sensitive structures to measure the strength and characteristics of the vibrations produced.


Remote vibration monitoring uses cellular telemetry to facilitate off-site data storage and monitoring. We collect data from seismographs around the property and transmit it to a remote location for secure online access and alerts. This technology increases efficiency and productivity in construction, mining, and other industries.


Seismic Surveys has been on the leading edge of remote vibration monitoring services for more than 2 decades. We launched with satellite telemetry in 2001 and migrated to cellular telemetry as the technology advanced. Our fleet of over 200 self-sustaining remote seismograph stations uses solar power and cellular communications. We were the proud winner of manufacturer’s awards for innovation for our work in developing the wireless remote seismograph deployment system.

Who We Serve

Our vibration monitoring services are used in various applications, including construction, mining, sensitive structures, and other applications. Visit our applications page to learn more.

Civil Construction

Vibration and noise monitoring for civil construction projects to document effects transmitted to nearby structures.

Sensitive Structures

Vibration and noise monitoring for demolition, construction, and renovations in and around vibration-sensitive structures.

Marine Construction

Vibration and noise monitoring to document effects on third-party structures, people, and marine life.


Traffic vibration monitoring to assess the structural health of bridges and roadways and identify structural changes.


Vibration and overpressure monitoring for mining to document compliance and protect nearby structures.

Visit our applications page to learn more about how clients use our services.

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Vibration monitoring is essential for maintaining compliance with project standards and minimizing unwarranted claims. Schedule a consultation to set your project on a safe and successful path.